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Posted By Straight Shooting  
11:09 AM

The worldwide shortage of ammunition is taking hold in Australia, with the supply of primers now critically low, most distributors running out completely and no relief in sight. 

Sources told Straight Shooting that most of the distributors, both large and small, have run out of primers, or if they do have stock it is only limited amounts of low-demand types.

There is likely to be one more significant shipment of primers arriving in Australia before the supply stops completely for three years.

According to our sources, Australian distributors are expecting no further delivery of US-made primers in Australia until 2024, while supplies from elsewhere in the world will not be available for at least 18 months.
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Winchester Australia has told its dealers, “We have all been feeling the supply pain on primers for some months now and sorry but we have no good news for the immediate future.”

Winchester Australia is expecting “continued shortages through out 2022/2023, with cost increases”.

We have been told that the landed price of primers recently reached 15 cents each, roughly twice what the retail price was only a few months ago.

Some dealers have been stockpiling primers and other ammunition in an effort to maintain stocks as imports slow down or stop altogether, but many have not been able to buy primers for months now.

As the situation became critical, those dealers who could bought whatever stock was left with distributors.

The supply of imported projectiles has also dried up.

Meanwhile in the US, primer prices are skyrocketing as demand outstrips supply.

Ammunition primer shortage
While Australia runs out of primers, people in the US are ramping up prices for what’s left there

Boxes of 5000 large rifle primers are being advertised on GunBroker.com for $US1125, about $A1550 or 31 Australian cents per primer.

Boxes of 5000 match-grade small rifle primers are advertised for $US1000, about $A1375 or almost 28 Australian cents per primer.

One seller listed individual packets of 100 CCI small pistol primers for sale at $US40 each, equivalent to 55 Australian cents per primer!