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National Firearm Amnesty 2021

Posted By Victoria Police  
09:31 AM

Australian governments have come together to hold an ongoing national amnesty to reduce the number of unregistered firearms and improve public safety. Commencing 1 July 2021, the permanent national firearm amnesty is Australian first. The amnesty implores members of the public to anonymously surrender any illegal or unregistered firearms, parts or ammunition in their possession without fear of prosecution.

In Victoria, anyone in possession of illegal or unregistered firearms, parts or ammunition is strongly advised to surrender these to their nearest licensed firearms dealers  in the first instance.

A person in possession of the following can surrender:

  • unregistered firearm
  • firearm parts
  • cartridge ammunition

Members of the public are encouraged to contact their nearest licensed firearm dealer to confirm they are participating in the amnesty.

Victoria Police is strongly advising members of the public not to surrender any firearms to police stations. However, if it’s impractical for someone to surrender at their nearest licensed firearm dealer, they must call their local station to organise the conditions surrounding the surrender of the firearm or associated item ahead of any attendance at a station.

Crime Stoppers  are leading in managing the national co-ordination of the campaign. For more information concerning the amnesty, including safety considerations and management of items surrendered, refer to the Crime Stoppers website: crimestoppers.com.au/FirearmAmnesty